Current Exhibition
  5 – 28 August 2016

Landscapes and Dreams

An exhibition of photographs by Javier Molina

5th August – 28 August 2016

Gallery open Wed – Sun 11 – 4

“Digital imaging provides a myriad of possibilities.
There is very little on this world that has not been photographed and one might venture into stating that everyone is now a photographer. What makes a photograph exceptional, unique? Simply the intention and the vision of the photographer.

I have no qualms in stating clearly that all my photographs make extensive use of post processing because ‘it is not what I see but how I see it’ as Alfred Stieglitz once said.”

Linden Hall Studio’s August exhibition showcases Javier Molina’s diverse photographs around two themes: ‘Landscapes’ and ‘Imaginations’.

‘Landscapes’ includes Kentish landscapes, Andean images and a selection of black-and-whites grouped under the title ‘A Murder of Silhouettes’.

‘Imaginations’ are a composite of several photographs that make up a scene with a surreal air. Once a photograph has been processed it becomes unique.

You can preview some of the exhibition entries before you visit.

In this short film Javier Molina, the photographer behind the exhibition discusses his method, his inspirations and what drives him to capture such powerful and emotive images. A great insight into the man behind the lens; –