Current Exhibition: Phantastical Dreams
  Sunday 5 – Sunday 26 March

Phantastical Dreams

A Group Show of 15 Artists

Diane Bellamy | Maria Carleton | Donna Fleming | Anne Forey | Sarah Lankester
Krystyna Lowicz | Simeon Oliver | Isabel Skinner | Carey Still | Brendon Treeby
Sara Trillo | Sharon Van Diepen | Rose West | Melony Walton | Jennifer Wright

Painting and Mixed Media

Sunday 5 March – Sunday 26 March

A group of artistic contemporaries produce imagery evoking shadowy phantasms, legends, dreams and fairytales, both beautiful and fearful.

In a diverse and wide ranging selection of work, including print, sculpture and installation, the artists are allowed to be free from stricture and expectation. Unfettered from self-analysis they give full reign to subconscious motives, their work permitted to be a response to phantastical evocations of childhood, dreams or myth.

Each artist has contributed their choice of music, as a soundtrack to their intentions and inspiration. It is possible that these will connect the viewer directly to the piece intended – or speak to the individual of an entirely different work. The audio diversity will be an added dimension to both complement and counter the imagery on show.

The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 4pm; Sunday: 11am – 2pm throughout the exhibition.

You can view further examples of the artists’ work on our Current Exhibition page.