‘Arts Blog’

Linden Hall Studio is starting a new monthly arts blog: about exhibitions at our gallery; any shows seen elsewhere or any arts related subjects you think should be written about – all ideas are welcome. So if you are interested in submitting a piece of writing or image, please speak to one of our gallery team or contact us.




Pic 1 Final Image
Pic 1 Final Image



‘Picture at an Exhibition’ by Tony Nandi









‘How can we improve people’s perceptions of Art History as an academic discipline?’ by HMC






Grosse Fuge by Tony Nandi
Grosse Fuge by Tony Nandi


Pictures at an Exhibition: Linden Hall Winter Show 2016‘ by Tony Nandi









‘Seeing, Thinking, Feeling: on Artistic Beauty’ by Phoebe Brown:





waterloostationseptember2016  ‘Looking at the Familiar’ by Catherine Field









‘Paints, Pots and Pen to Page’ by Myles Corley