Bridget Moore

Bridget Moore makes paintings based upon a mix of images and observations from child and early adulthood memories, from imagination and things noticed from the everyday, which provide a source of information and become vehicles for paintings. Her grandparents’ home is a constant recurring theme in her work, as are sideshows and circuses which provide strong earthy imagery. Her composition and use of colour give a strong sense of mood and feeling.

Bridget works mainly in gouache, mixed media and oil. The initial idea or notion for a painting often starts with a drawing made in a sketchbook, which can be from direct observation and notes made with ideas from imagination. From these, compositions are worked out in small gouaches. These are painted on card and are built by layering colours to achieve the effect she wishes. Sometimes these gouaches can be used as a starting point for much larger oil paintings. These are worked by building and layering colour, thin paint to begin with, then fatter paint on top.

Bridget is a member of the New English Art Club and exhibited in April 2017’s exhibition: Selected Artists from the New English Art Club.