Carol Goodchild

Carol Goodchild comes from the painted tradition of David Bomberg and his student Dennis Creffield.

Carol draws and paints from the perceived world and then works and reworks until the final images emerge. Many of her works have their starting points in drawings from cathedrals, landscape, flowing water or life drawing. Such works are sometimes enough just as they are, but locked in their production are shapes, colours and layers that can be reinvented. The use of paint, especially oil paint and the love of its qualities, enables Carol to build images that have surface, depth, texture and transparency. There are references to the real world but those references are subsumed into the construction of another world. Each canvas is a window on to that world.

Carol had a show at Linden Hall Studio in November 2016 together with John Horne: Working in the Abstract

Click on the link below to watch Linden Hall Studio’s film ‘Working in the Abstract’ where John Horne and Carol Goodchild discuss their methods, ideas and inspirations in the world of the visual arts.