Contemporary Drawing with Charles Williams


Contemporary Drawing: the theory and practice of drawing now

 Monday 17th September 2018

10 – 5pm


Limited tickets available, easels, drawing boards & paper provided.  Lunch included.


Drawing is the new big thing in the Visual Arts and in academic circles. You can study for a degree in drawing, enter prestigious competitions like the Jerwood Drawing Prize, make drawings in gold leaf on walls, or choreograph dances that are actually drawings and represent Britain at the Venice Biennale. But how do you define it?


Drawing has been completely re-defined in the last twenty-odd years. Once its meaning was clear; it was using a pencil, or maybe charcoal if you were at Art School, to make a picture that looked ‘just like’ the real thing. But, perhaps because of photography, or abstract art, or TV or digital technology, that seems to have changed. It might have started with Abstract Art, but then there was Conceptual Art, Minimalism, Pop Art, Film-work, Body Art, Feminist Art, and now it has entered the academic, Critical Theory world with thinkers like Tim Ingold: the ball just keeps rolling, and drawing keeps changing.


This day-long course aims to widen and deepen your practice of drawing, using practical approaches and (often absurd-sounding) exercises to ask questions about what it might mean and what you might do with it; it is challenging and exciting and not necessarily about being ‘good at drawing’! You’ll need an open mind…


Charles Williams, artist, researcher and currently Programme Director of the Fine Art and Fine and Applied Art degrees at Canterbury Christ Church University, will lead this workshop.