Conversations with Harold Chapman By Zinovy Zinik

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ZZ 2016
Zinovy Zinik

A biographical note:

Moscow-born British author Zinovy Zinik lost his Soviet citizenship in 1975 and arrived in London via Jerusalem in 1976. Zinik‚Äôs fourteen books of fiction and documentary prose, translated into a number of European languages, dwell on the dual existence of bilingual immigrants, religious converts and political outcasts. His novel Russian Service as well as many of his short stories have been adapted for radio and his novel The Mushroom Picker was made into a film by BBC TV (1993).   His recent books include History Thieves, an autobiographical tale in English (Seagull Books, London, 2011), a collection of prose (in Russian)  Third Jerusalem (NLO, Moscow, 2013),  a comic  Gothic thriller Sounds Familiar or The Beast of Artek  (Divus, London,2016) and  his  new novel in Russian The Orgon Box.  Zinik is a regular contributor to The Times Literary Supplement  as well as to BBC radio. Zinik is also the UK Editor of the satirical magazine Artenol.