LISTEN TO ME MARLON: Actor Marlon Brando reveals personal thoughts on audio tape, offering insight into his life and career.

7 May 2022 

This film seems particualry relevant this year, as it is the fifteeth anniersary of a major milestone in cinema ; the release of The Godfather.


Unbeknownst to the public, Marlon Brando - a great star who remained deliberately mysterious to the press and the world at large for his entire professional life - created a vast archive of personal audio and visual materials over the course of his lifetime, often deeply confessional and completely without vanity or evasion. Now - for the first time ever - those recordings come to life in Riley's film. Charting his exceptional career as an actor and his extraordinary life away from the stage and screen, the film reveals the complexities and contradictions that were Marlon Brando by telling the story in his own words - and only his own words, revealing a man more humane and compelling than anyone ever could have imagined.


May 7th

Doors open at 6pm

Screening begins at 6:30pm


Ticket £10

(includes a glass of wine & accompanying film literature)


Director: Stevan Riley
Running time: 103 minutes 
Language: English
Release: 2015

Rating: 15

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