2016-2017 Winter Group Show


Tuesday 6th December 2016- Sunday 29th January 2017

‘The Winter Group Show at Linden Hall Studio marks our second anniversary as a contemporary gallery for the visual arts, and consequently is a fitting moment to pause and reflect.

When 32, St George’s Road first opened in November 2014 the future was far from certain, none of us were sure what was in store for this small, independent gallery on the east Kent coast. Since that time the gallery has gone from strength to strength, with a multitude of artists, artworks, styles and media being exhibited within Linden Hall Studio’s walls; this exhibition, being the twentieth.

The aim of this Winter Group Show is simple, to celebrate the artists and range of works that have been fundamental to the development of the gallery during its first and second season as a centre for the visual arts. Every artist we have invited to take part in this show does not only produce work that we admire, respect and are honoured to hang, but have also connected with us on a personal level. More than just artists having exhibitions, or visitors admiring the works on display, these artists have become some of the gallery’s most loyal supporters and trusted friends. Without these painters, sculptors, printmakers and photographers there would be no gallery, the walls would be bare and I would not have had the pleasure of spending the last two years engaging with an ever changing audience; discussing the new visual language that appears at Linden Hall Studio every month.’

Myles Corley, Linden Hall Studio, 2016