Drawing in Paint: Painted Drawing by Carol Goodchild

For me, it is always difficult to distinguish between the two processes of drawing and painting. The energy and focus of the one activity continuously informs and connects the other, sooner or later. They are forever merging one into another like the tide ebbing and flowing across hard shingle. Always on the move, always part of the same dynamic as it shifts the sand and stones beneath into new shapes.  
This collection of studio work follows on from my shared exhibition in the autumn of 2016. My choice of subject matter follows the familiar pattern of, principally, studying and interpreting natural forms, architecture and the figure. I try to capture the movement in static objects and translate that exploration into colour, shape and texture in a variety of media.
A selection of sketchbooks used in France and England is part of the show, making the experience of outdoor painting and drawing shared, immediate and physical.