Human : Nature: A selected exhibition from members of Contemporary British Painting

‘Contemporary British Painting’ is an artist led organisation which explores and promotes current trends in British painting through the activity of our members, exhibitions, talks and publications, and placing work in art museums and collections.

Human:Nature brings together seven Painters, all of whom make paintings that could be considered, in part, to be a contemplation of our relationship with nature.  How we experience it, our impact on it, and ways in which we understand and make sense of it. How can a painting be a response to these concerns, rather than something that is an attempt at overt depiction - a ‘landscape painting’ - in the traditional sense?  The paintings in this exhibition range from works that can be seen as a response to the natural world in some form, to works that use ideas of ‘landscape’, or ‘nature’, as an armature to hang the painting on, or a vehicle for, the artists’ own personal concerns.