Precious Kent

The Precious Kent jewellery group was formed in 2014 to give jewellers from Kent the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work at a show that focussed exclusively on jewellery.  While all the members still exhibit and sell at mixed media events, this selling exhibition at Linden Hall  Studio is wholly about jewellery and silverware, putting it into a unique category of its own.


The group has changed and evolved over the years and  now consists of six permanent members, and for the Linden Hall exhibition, two guests.  They are: Joan MacKarell - enamel;   Olivia Schlevogt - fused silver and gold and precious stones;  Sabine Konig - silver, gold and pearls; Polly Gasston - 22ct gold and semi precious stones;  Shelby Fitzpatrick - perspex and silver;  Alison Boyce - silver, enamel and found objects.  Guests:  Stuart Jenkins - metalsmith, jewellery and silverware; Andrew Bird - Silver, high quality coloured stones.


All members of the group are designer/makers and offer a broad and eclectic range of jewellery and metal work, and all members of the group and their guests are delighted to undertake commission work of bespoke pieces on request.