Javier Molina

Landscapes and Dreams: an exhibition of Javier Molina’s photography showed at Linden Hall Studio from 6th August to 28th August 2016.


“Digital imaging provides a myriad of possibilities.
There is very little on this world that has not been photographed and one might venture into stating that everyone is now a photographer. What makes a photograph exceptional, unique? Simply the intention and the vision of the photographer.

I have no qualms in stating clearly that all my photographs make extensive use of post processing because ‘it is not what I see but how I see it’ as Alfred Stieglitz once said.”

Javier Molina, 2016

Linden Hall Studio’s exhibition in August 2016 showcased Javier Molina’s diverse photographs around two themes: ‘Landscapes’ and ‘Imaginations’.

In this short film Javier Molina discusses his method, his inspirations and what drives him to capture such powerful and emotive images. A great insight into the man behind the lens.