An opportunity to win a painting….!

'Painting The Novel'

At the core of Ashley Hanson’s upcoming exhibition ‘Painting the Novel’ at Linden Hall Studio, is his latest project, the ’20 Books=20 Paintings’ series, sourced in crime-fiction. In a shift from the 64 paintings in the ‘City of Glass’ series (from Paul Auster’s novel ‘The New York Trilogy’), Ashley’s new discipline was to produce a single painting from each book, with the identity of source-novel’s withheld but hinted at in the disguised imagery, the distinctive palette of each, in the titles and Blogposts.

If, like Ashley, you enjoy the vIsual arts and crime-fiction, in the spirit of the genre, Ashley is running a competition, with a prize of a painting from a crime-novel of their choice to the winner. Starting June 1st, further ‘clues’ to the novels identities will be released across social media , one ‘BOOK’ per day, with participants asked to email their answers to by midnight on June 21stand also asked to sign up to his monthly newsletter. Further details on The winner-whoever makes the most correct guesses- will be announced and the source novels revealed on the opening day of the exhibition, 26 June, live from the gallery. Good luck! 

To help things along here is the painting and ‘clue for ‘BOOK 1 – (Betty)’:

May 25, 2021