Past Exhibitions

  • Between SEAS and Sky

    SEAS (South East ArtistS) is a self funding and voluntary organisation which promotes, supports and provides a network for our vibrant artistic community in Deal and the surrounding areas.

    Sunday, 03 Jun 2018
    - Sunday, 24 Jun 2018
    Sculptures by Robin Greenwood
    Paintings by Gary Wragg

    Curated by Sam Cornish

    Saturday, 05 May 2018
    - Sunday, 27 May 2018
  • Tableaux
    An exhibition of paintings by Julia Hamilton and Caroline Yates.

    ‘Tableau’:  ‘A group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story or from history;  a tableau vivant.’  Oxford English Dictionary.

    Sunday, 08 Apr 2018
    - Sunday, 29 Apr 2018
  • Surroundings
    Catherine Farr and Emily Smith Polyblank were brought together through their love of gardening and of being outdoors.  Then they discovered that apart from the physical and spiritual benefit of being outside that they were both artists who are directly influenced by their surroundings: Catherine being a painter and Emily a printmaker. Read more...

    Sunday, 04 Mar 2018
    - Sunday, 01 Apr 2018
  • The London Deal
    - Harold Chapman  –  Daisy Cook  –  Eileen Cooper RA  –  John Copnall  –  John Corley John Hoyland  –  Tess Jaray RA  –  Stephen Lewis  –  Jeff Lowe  –  Mali Morris RA  –  Tony Nandi Arthur Neal  –  Humphrey Ocean RA  –  Robert Persey  –  Geoff Rigden  –  Paul Tonkin
    Wednesday, 14 Feb 2018
    - Thursday, 22 Mar 2018
  • The London Group
    The London Group is a thriving democratic artists' collective practicing in all disciplines, from painting and sculpture to moving image, digital and performance.
    "A vital strand of artistic diversity and free-thinking in an art-world increasingly dominated by market forces and curatorial conformity." Nicholas Usherwood, Features Editor, Galleries Magazine. The London Group was set up in 1913 by thirty two artists including Robert Bevan, Henri Gaudier Brzeska, Jacob Epstein, Duncan Grant, Annie Hudson, Wyndham Lewis, Lucien Pissarro, Ethel Sands and Walter Sickert, with the aim of creating a powerful artist-run group to act as a counter-balance to institutions such as the Royal Academy....Read more...

    Sunday, 04 Feb 2018
    - Sunday, 25 Feb 2018
  • Winter Group Show 2017/18

    Mixed exhibition of painting, sculpture, prints, photography and ceramics

    Sunday, 03 Dec 2017
    - Sunday, 28 Jan 2018
  • Hung, Drawn and Quintered
    Paintings, screenprints, sculptures and other configurations of the corporeal by
    Chris How
    Bruce Williams
    Al Richardson
    Maria Clemen
    Chris Blunkell

    Sunday, 05 Nov 2017
    - Sunday, 26 Nov 2017
  • To the Point of Abstraction

    An exhibition of paintings by Tim Cousins, Cuillin Bantock, Belinda Ellis, Fritz Duffy and Shirley O'Neil

    Sunday, 08 Oct 2017
    - Sunday, 29 Oct 2017
  • From Silence
    - Printmaker Dawn Cole and painter Jackie Russell share a fascination with personal memory and photographic archives.
    Their work embodies the associated truth and deception inherent in both.

    Saturday, 09 Sep 2017
    - Sunday, 01 Oct 2017
  • John Copnall – The Dynamics of Colour accompanied by Edward Bainbridge Copnall – Woodcarvings
    - John Copnall 1928-2007
    The work in this exhibition is selected from Copnall's later colourfield paintings, mostly in acrylic on cotton duck dating from the 1970's. Having lived and painted in artistic isolation in Andalusia for over two decades, he had returned to London to be overwhelmed by the colour, energy and dimension of the work then showing in the London galleries.

    Sunday, 06 Aug 2017
    - Sunday, 03 Sep 2017
  • The Latest Edition
    Printmakers Council is an artist led organisation established by a group of renowned artists in 1965 to promote the use of both traditional and innovative printmaking techniques.

    Printmakers Council now has an international membership of over 200 artists.

    Sunday, 09 Jul 2017
    - Sunday, 30 Jul 2017
  • Harold Chapman at 90

    A new chapter of travelling exhibitions, retrospectives on the Beats and their literary and artistic movement, means that Harold's work has for several years been shown in New York, Karlsruhe, Metz and Paris, including at the Centre Pompidou in 2016.

    Sunday, 04 Jun 2017
    - Sunday, 02 Jul 2017
  • PIER
    - PIER, Sculpture by Stephen Lewis, Paintings by Mali Morris RA, Sunday 7th May – Sunday 28th May 2017

    Sunday, 07 May 2017
    - Sunday, 28 May 2017
  • New English Art Club
    - A group show featuring twenty-two members of the New English Art Club.

    Sunday, 02 Apr 2017
    - Sunday, 30 Apr 2017
  • Phantastical Dreams
    - Phantastical Dreams
    A Group Show of 15 Artists of Paintings and Mixed Media
    A group of artistic contemporaries produce imagery evoking shadowy phantasms, legends, dreams and fairytales, both beautiful and fearful.

    Sunday, 05 Mar 2017
    - Sunday, 26 Mar 2017
  • Inter/Face
    - Steven Boulding, Stephen Mc Carthy, Linda Taylor and Sarah Weston are members of ARRCC Folkestone working alongside professional artist Phyllis McDowell.

    This exhibition is a celebration of the work produced by artists who are members of ARRCC Folkestone (arts, health & well-being), as well as professional artist Phyllis McDowell. ARRCC is a centre that supports people with physical disabilities and sensory impairment.

    Saturday, 11 Feb 2017
    - Sunday, 26 Feb 2017
  • 2016-2017 Winter Group Show
    - Mixed exhibition of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, prints and photography by 50 artists.

    Tuesday, 06 Dec 2016
    - Sunday, 29 Jan 2017
  • Working in the Abstract

    by Carol Goodchild and John Horne


    Saturday, 05 Nov 2016
    - Sunday, 27 Nov 2016
  • Robert Persey Sculpture
     Paul Tonkin Painting


    Paintings and sculpture

    Saturday, 08 Oct 2016
    - Sunday, 30 Oct 2016
  • Two Painters and a Potter
    Paintings and ceramics

    Sunday, 04 Sep 2016
    - Sunday, 02 Oct 2016
  • Landscapes and Dreams

    An exhibition of photographs
    by Javier Molina


    Saturday, 06 Aug 2016
    - Sunday, 28 Aug 2016
  • Diverse Stories
      3rd July – 31st July 2016

    Paintings and drawings
    by Pamela Lloyd-Jones

    Sunday, 03 Jul 2016
    - Sunday, 31 Jul 2016
  • Long Friendships
    - Paintings & Constructions
    Michael Blake, Geoffrey Rigden
    and Robert Welch


    Sunday, 05 Jun 2016
    - Sunday, 26 Jun 2016
  • Passage

    Passage - a powerful and evocative word, suggesting movement and mutability, unfolding and elapsing through space and time, shifting from the familiar to the uncertain. Helen Brooker, Jeanette Cook, Maggie Kelham and Catherine Robinson present their second collection at Linden Hall Studio with a thoughtful and diverse exhibition of prints, drawings, glass fusion and sculpture.

    Sunday, 08 May 2016
    - Monday, 30 May 2016
  • And See Whole
    - You only have to glance at a work by Germain Dolan, not to understand, but to recognise in an instant the work of a natural painter, someone who has an unerring instinct for pictorial organisation....
    Sunday, 10 Apr 2016
    - Monday, 02 May 2016
  • Two Visions with Photography
    Gerry Whybrow and Leonard Whybrow. Featuring the work: Deal Beach Sonnet, Klee Homage, Plant portraits, Pastoral Baccanalia, Transgenic endeavours....

    Friday, 04 Mar 2016
    - Sunday, 03 Apr 2016
  • Translucence – John Corley
    - The exhibition of paintings and glass intertwined. The works mark an evolution from working with ancient (medieval) glass, breaking with pictorial realism, emphasising the physical material from the opaque pigment [...]
    Friday, 04 Dec 2015
    - Saturday, 20 Feb 2016
  • Hotel Finix – Martin Spanyol
    Hotel Finix is an exhibition of 200 small gouache paintings by Martin Spanyol that depict remembered and imagined Mediterranean locations. The work explores the enigmatic moment of arrival, the selectiveness of memory and nostalgia....

    Saturday, 07 Nov 2015
    - Sunday, 29 Nov 2015
  • ‘Redeeming Faults’
    Observations and Creations by James Cockburn

    - James Cockburn observes then draws the world around him. People and places are what interest him. Whether this be full-on action or peace and quiet he always aims to get to the kernel, the sacred spot, the sine qua non...
    Wednesday, 07 Oct 2015
    - Sunday, 01 Nov 2015
  • Late Summer
    An exhibition of glass, paintings and drawings...

    Friday, 04 Sep 2015
    - Sunday, 04 Oct 2015
  • Fusion – Amanda Thomson and Katy Broomfield
    Fusion explores the inter-disciplinary approach to the idea of landscape, nature and still life through two different processes - textiles and painting. Katy Broomfield's (MA, textiles, St Martins School of Art) delicate, transfer print scarves embody concepts of fragility...

    Wednesday, 19 Aug 2015
    - Monday, 31 Aug 2015
  • Summer Exhibition
    - This exhibition of recent work shows painted and leaded glass developed out of John’s long experience. Early influences of abstract painting, study of medieval techniques of glass making, painting and construction...
    Wednesday, 22 Jul 2015
    - Sunday, 16 Aug 2015
  • Pure Form
    Pure Form is a unique sculpture group based in Canterbury, dedicated to the art of direct carving in stone and wood.
    Led by Patrick Crouch, founder of the group, it currently has over 50 members. We exhibit throughout Kent. 30 artists will be exhibiting at Linden Hall Studio....

    Saturday, 04 Jul 2015
    - Sunday, 19 Jul 2015
  • The Space Between
    - Helen Brooker, Jeanette Cook, Maggie Kelham and Catherine Robinson take a sidelong glance into the space between, bringing their very personal interpretations together to create a varied and thought provoking body of work....

    Saturday, 06 Jun 2015
    - Sunday, 28 Jun 2015
  • 8 Connected
    Mick Blake - Germaine Dolan
    Jennifer Harding - Stephen Jaques
    Mali Morris RA - Humphrey Ocean RA
    ŸGeoff Rigden -Ÿ Paul Tonkin
    Several decades ago all these artists attended the Fine Art Department headed by the late Thomas Watt, an inspirational figure at Canterbury College of Art...

    Saturday, 09 May 2015
    - Sunday, 31 May 2015
  • Glass, Paintings and Drawings by John Corley
    - John Corley’s creative development began at Art School (Northampton and Canterbury) through influences of great teachers and visiting artists Tom Watt, Stass Parasskos, Geoff Rigden, Ian Dury, Terry Frost and Howard Hodgkin who introduced him to European Art from pre-Renaissance to Post-Impressionism and American Abstract Expressionism...

    Thursday, 12 Mar 2015
    - Sunday, 03 May 2015