Peter Clossick

Peter Clossick is a member of the New English Art Club and featured in April 2017’s exhibition: Selected Artists from the New English Art Club.

Peter Clossick focuses on faces, the single figure, men and women, the nature of physical sensuousness itself. The models are still, seated or lying; their eyes cast down or even blanked out, while the composition is enlivened by the physical act of perception. His is the moving and heuristic gaze, the act of discovering of the world through the exploration of possibilities.” 

Corinna Lotz 2016

The former London Group president is a man seemingly in love with paint as both a substance and a subject. So oils are generously applied in a series of confident, purposeful strokes. Similarly, the colours are drawn from all corners of his palette, yet appear to sing in harmony and discord with one another across the course of the canvas.”

Steve Pill, Editor, Artist & Illustrator, 2016