Sarah Spencer

Sarah Spencer is a member of the New English Art Club. She paints the places, people and things with which she is most familiar, especially the coast where she has lived most of her life. She is drawn to the quality of ‘atmosphere’ in sky and landscape that is both visual and emotional. 

Sarah’s landscape works begin with a series of small sketches made outside in oil paint on cardboard. The process and approach in the studio is very different to that outside. The practice of painting indoors is more contemplative. Glazes can be built up over impasto layers over weeks or months. Composition is often changed, and re-arranged. She is not interested in recapturing a scene so much as playing with the elements gathered until they make a picture that seems compelling. A work is often composed from elements gathered from different sketches: a sky from one sketch and foreground from another, the picture needing only to correspond to the idea of the landscape in the artist’s head.

Sarah was in April 2017’s exhibition: Selected Artists from the New English Art Club.