Artwork Details:

  • Original Silver Gelatine print, developed and printed by Harold Chapman
  • 1/1
  • 39 x 32 cm 
  • Mounted
  • Signed on the back – “Cold winter Dawn. Market salespersons. Burring books to keep warm” Harold Chapman 

“At dawn in the middle of the road, market garden produce is sold in the special area known as the “carreau”, reserved for market gardeners and vegetable sellers.  These country women are in the freezing cold wearing hats and headscarves and keeping warm with with the brazier burning broken up old crates.  The fresh produce had to be sold by 7 o’clock or else cleared away and removed by 8 o’clock by the authorities in order to allow the free circulation of traffic in the roads.”

Harold Chapman 


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Harold Chapman was born in Deal in 1927.  As a child, his father introduced him to the magic of photography. Harold was self-taught.  He started his career as a jazz photographer in Soho. Meeting Vogue photographer, John Deakin, changed his life. He went to Paris and became a street photographer and was soon working for The New York Times.  In 1957 he moved into the Beat Hotel – then a hotel with no name – on the Left Bank and lived there untill it closed in 1963. Visit Artist page

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