Snatched. A picture of Gregory Corso


Artwork Details:

  • Original Silver Gelatine print, developed and printed by Harold Chapman 
  • 1/1
  • 31 x 37 cm 
  • Mounted
  • Signed

“I went with Gregory Corso to a hidden workshop either on or near the Ile de la Cite in Paris where an inventor was working on sound quality.  I was allowed to go on the understanding that I took no pictures.  But I did take one, a quick snatched picture of Gregory Corso looking out of the window, listening to the music.  There was radio equipment and wires trailing everywhere, stuff which I did not understand.  The inventor had designed a system that made fantastic recordings of jazz “from the life” on a new recording machine that he had been working on.  It was an absolutely fantastic quality recording. I cannot remember the name of the inventor.”

Harold Chapman

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Harold Chapman was born in Deal in 1927.  As a child, his father introduced him to the magic of photography. Harold was self-taught.  He started his career as a jazz photographer in Soho. Meeting Vogue photographer, John Deakin, changed his life. He went to Paris and became a street photographer and was soon working for The New York Times.  In 1957 he moved into the Beat Hotel – then a hotel with no name – on the Left Bank and lived there untill it closed in 1963. Visit Artist page

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