4 March – 1 April 2018



Linda Clarke

I studied at Medway Art College from the age of 16 and graduated with an NDD.  I subsequently met and married Tony Smith.  My first job in the holidays was hop-picking.  I took my first baby in the pram to the hop gardens, where I trained hops and became familiar with the unique processes of hop cultivation.  This exhibition is of paintings from sketches I have worked on all my life: of people working on the mudflats by the sea, in hop gardens and in other areas of farming.

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Catherine Farr


Catherine’s work is based on the beach at the end of her road, her garden, and her favourite garden: Great Dixter (which she visits regularly to draw and take photos).

As a painter Catherine has always been interested in colour, the effects of colour next to each other and the light.  Early studies of the German Expressionists developed the use of colour to create mood.  This was gradually drawn into her work as well as the symbolic references to other things like choice of flower.

Catherine sees all of her work as a kind of self-portrait because they represent how she is feeling due to what is happening in her life at that time.

Her surroundings are very important to her…her subjects are places where she feels at ease and able to create.


Emily Smith Polyblank

Emily grew up on a smallholding surrounded by animals and has a deep understanding of their character and physique which she then translates through drawing into woodcuts. The grain of the wood predicts the outcome of the image.  Emily then hand colours her prints with earthy colours to define the cuts more clearly.

This exhibition features a lot of dogs. (Emily has always had dogs in her life).  She is developing her work to show movement, such as leaping and the speed of running, by concentrating on muscle shape and form. 

Unlike other relief printmakers who concentrate on technique and layering colours, Emily works instinctively with each piece of wood and how it can be manipulated. 

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Tony Smith

1939 – 1988


Born in Kent.  Studied at Medway College of Art, obtaining a National Diploma in Painting, Special in 1959, and then at Royal Academy Schools, graduating with an R.A. Certificate in 1962.

He taught at Medway, Canterbury K.A.D Adults in Ashford, Tonbridge Wells and the Metropole, Folkestone with Fed Cummings, Brian Oxley, Arthur Neal and Roy Oxlade.

Besides restoring several medieval houses, he taught and ran summer schools.

His Art earned the admiration and respect of his contemporise, and he was well on the way to a successful career, when it all ended with his untimely death.

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