Tony Nandi - 'in conversation'

Gallery Director Myles Corley 'in conversation' with Tony Nandi

Tony Nandi ARPS , the photographer behind TRANSIENCE at Linden Hall Studio, sat down with Gallery Director Myles Corley. TRANSIENCE 25 June – 13 July 2019

Tony has been photographing the performance arts for almost forty years, with a special interest in dance. He is intrigued by the challenge of the conveyance of a dynamic time-based, three dimensional, emotionally charged creative production into a static two-dimensional image. His ultimate intention is to invite and engage the viewer to partially recreate the physical, spatial and emotional experience of the performance, only through timing and composition. This does not mean that dancers have to be suspended in the air or dashing about the stage, but can be to simply share the emotional experience of the performer, or anticipate their movement and intent. In the first instance his images are taken for marketing, documentary or press purposes, where the opportunity for the above engagement may be limited. This is the first time as many as 60 photographs from his archive, from across the whole of his career, have come together to be exhibited in this form. Although concentrating on his dance images, the collection also includes some from both opera and theatre. The exhibition includes an additional 40 A3 prints as a feature wall, illustrating his work as Photographer in Residence for Deal Music & Arts. Tony has also had a successful career as an academic, teaching at Goldsmith’s College, Central St.Martin’s and for 20 years as Head of Photography at what is now the University of West London. He retired from teaching in 2010.