Following the purchase of a Winter Group Show open submission pass,  the gallery team will email you allowing you to submit your artwork details for consideration within the Exhibition.


The gallery team will select a variety of works from the open submission to feature within the Winter Group Show.
Successful submissions will be informed on November 11th.

In order to submit into the open call for the Winter Group Show, an artist must purchase a Winter Group Show submission pass, the gallery will then contact you with the further details of how to complete your submission.

Submission closes on Monday 30th October 2023.

By submitting you are agreeing to the terms and conditions ;

1.  Sales of Exhibited Work


Prices of exhibited work will be visible with the work and online.


Exhibited work offered for sale by the artist(s) during the exhibition will be subject to a 50% commission charge.


Payments made using the ‘Own Art Scheme’ or a credit card will be subject to a 3% charge.


All sales and transactions of exhibited work will be handled by LHS.


All payments received for exhibited work sales will be received by LHS directly.


All artworks submitted for consideration must be for sale.  


LHS reserves the right to offer a 10% discount to secure a sale.


Within 21 days of the exhibition closing date all payments received by LHS for sales of exhibited work, will be paid in full by LHS into the bank account of the artist(s) less commission and charge card costs.


2.  Launch Event


Saturday 2nd December - 2 till 4pm


Exhibition will be held at Linden Hall Studio.


Artists are encouraged to publicise the exhibition in addition to the publicity, which the gallery provides.  


4.  Insurance


Artist(s) will be responsible for the insurance of their own property against all risks and shall fully indemnify LHS against all actions, claims, demands, in respect of personal injury or damage to property and financial loss resulting from anything done or omitted by the artist(s).


LHS will not be held liable for any damage, loss or theft of artwork or personal items of the artist(s) or any third party during the period of the exhibition.



6. Winter Group Show


WGS will be open for public viewing  at LHS from Saturday 2nd December 2023 - Saturday 27th January 2024. 


The curation/hanging of the show will be overseen by Linden Hall Studio.


If deemed neccessary for any reason, at any time the gallery reserves the right to remove an artwork or artist from the show.


Sculpture / Ceramic submissions are limited to one work per artist. They must fit on a plinth with a base of 50 x 50 cm.


Artists submitting paintings, drawings, prints, or mixed media works have the option of submitting either one or two works. 


If the artist should choose to submit one work, the maximum size allowed is – 90 cm X 70 cm (Including frame).


If the artist chooses to submit two works; one larger work size limited to - 90 cm X 70 cm with a second smaller work having a size limit of 50 cm x 50 cm. (both sizes include frame).


Please provide a high resolution of the work, complete with all necessary information. Title, Size, Medium, Price etc.