“A shape is a shape, a flower is a flower. A shape of red can contain as much content as the shape of a red flower. I don't see why one should have to have any association, nostalgia or evocation of any kind. It boils down to the value of the shape and the colour.”

–  Terry Frost

Terry Frost's body of work reflects his gratitude and joie de vivre at having survived wartime incarceration. Full of colour, light and the pleasure of existence, his work reflects what he described as “a sense of delight in front of nature”. Frost took his inspiration from nature; the sun, moon, water, boats and the female form are all significant, recurring motifs that are abstracted into sensuous circles and curves. These shapes are often coloured in dramatic blues, reds, oranges, yellows and blacks. Frost believed that the interplay of colour and shape could realise an event or image more successfully than imitation. He combined strict formal discipline with great expressive freedom and a natural sureness of touch.