The Great Art Escape: '... an exhibition of selected artists, featuring painting, sculpture, prints and ceramic...'

It would be untrue, unwise and irresponsible to press onward without acknowledging the gargantuan change in the world and life as we know it. To pull up the locks , swing open the doors and simply say – ‘we’re back’ would be to ignore so much, and so much has happened. The days of packed out exhibition launches, sold out screenings. shaking hands and cheersing’ a glass at another inspired collection are unfortunately retired, for now.


So, what brave new world lies before us, certainly one of challenges and obstructions. Over the last few weeks and months the gallery team and I have ruminated hard over how best we can tip toe back into the world and in what form that would take.

We were overwhelmed with the response to our Reflection Series, and then building the weekly Lockdown Series was very moving – artists and creatives in their home studios, spare bedrooms and kitchen tables were making and sharing with an inspiration and passion that pushed back hard and fast against the stifling blanket of isolation which lay and lays upon us.

I suppose this made us as a gallery, a window into the escapism world of colour. texture , form and shape realise how important we are in rationalising and coping with the world around us.

That, is what our comeback message is. Things are different now, there is no denying it and who knows when friends and colleagues will embrace and break bread together again. However what we can do in our own unique way is offer a few moments solace, an escape from uncertainty and confusion with an exhibition of exciting , engaging, thought provoking visual language and present, The Great Art Escape.

I hope you enjoy the show and I look forward to seeing you again, from two metres away.

Myles Corley