Clyde Hopkins and Friends: Painting and Sculpture

Stephen Cooper, Jeff Dellow, John Gibbons, Lee Grandjean, Sharon Hall, Marilyn Hallam, Jennifer Harding, Vanessa Jackson, Richard Lawrence, Stephen Lewis, Jeff Lowe, Mali Morris, David Oates, Geoffrey Rigden, Trevor Sutton, David Sweet, Virginia Verran, Robert Welch, David Wiseman, Gary Wragg

During a visit to Open Studios at APT, Deptford, Myles and I spoke to Clyde together with Marilyn and expressed our interest in showing his work at Linden Hall Studio.

The seed was sown…

Over the coming months we discussed at length with Clyde our proposal. We agreed the inclusion of a number of sculptures with the paintings would be a great addition. An approach was made to the sculptor Jeff Lowe who agreed to share the exhibition with Clyde.

As we now know that exhibition never came to fruition due to the untimely passing of Clyde in 2018.

This exhibition consists of selections by Clyde’s wife Marilyn Hallam, assisted by David Sweet. The paintings express part of his career together with works by a group of his friends and colleagues, who by their inclusion here, show the esteem in which Clyde is held.

John Corley, Linden Hall Studio

July 2019



It has been very difficult but a great pleasure to select this show. Clyde had so many friends as fellow artists whom he both loved and admired. However, space constraints dictate that I narrow the field. I have therefore decided to concentrate on his studio comrades at GASA and then at APT, together with some of his art school colleagues at Winchester and Chelsea.

I do hope you can make it to the wonderful Linden Hall Studio to celebrate his painting life and the friendships that helped sustain it.

Marilyn Hallam

May 2019