PIER: Sculpture by Stephen Lewis / Paintings by Mali Morris RA

Sculpture by Stephen Lewis
Paintings by Mali Morris RA 


Steve Lewis and Mali Morris have their studios at A.P.T in South London, overlooking Deptford Creek.  They live in Greenwich, near to the River Thames. 


PIER, at Linden Hall Studio, two streets away from the seashore at Deal, will be their third show together, in their partnership of 32 years.


Steve Lewis studied at Manchester Polytechnic and the Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and has work in public and private collections in Europe, Canada, and USA. His sculptures use flat planes, bars, curved plates and found elements, creating complex internal tensions. When colour is used it is an integral part of each work, with chromatic and three-dimensional interactions bringing a formal dynamic and an emotional charge.  


As artist John Mclean has written, He makes the sheer stuff of his art dance…. He imbues his material with a kind of music. 


Mali Morris studied Fine Art at the Universities of Newcastle upon Tyne and Reading. She has exhibited internationally since the late 1970’s in over 35 solo shows, and is represented in public and private collections worldwide. In 2010 she was elected to the Royal Academy of Arts. Included here are recent works on canvas and paper from the Line Dance Series, exploring the pressures and intensities of high key colour, as forms touch and line up and overlap. Layering and transparency, placement and interval, movements in and out of pictorial space - there are countless relationships of space, surface and light for the eye to journey through, sometimes settling into an image that can seem still, but in painting terms is always on the move.