WINTER GROUP SHOW: A myriad of works by household names and emerging talent.

A myriad of works by household names and emerging talent.

Every year the team and I at Linden Hall Studio plan to begin the mammoth undertaking of our Winter Group Show just a little earlier than the season before. Yet of course being creatures of habit, the fine tuning, double checking and box ticking naturally culminates in a late night turning of the wrist, and realising yet again - it’s two minutes to midnight...


I am delighted and unashamedly proud to report that our exhibition this year has come together into the most wonderful, exciting and totally unique crescendo of visual art.


As we pause and await in hopeful anticipation for a pleased audience to respond to our annual flagship show, it is important to take a moment to reflect on how it has evolved through the years. For me, it is the total uniqueness from each element of the collection which pull together to create not only a very special exhibition, however a very special moment in time for all who engage with it.


The artists within this show are very special. Us, mere mortals would never be able to experience the joys which come from their abilities with the magical visualities of colour, shape, form, texture. This experience being what the show has always held as the core fundamental value to why we do it. Within the collection I hope you as the viewer have moments of familiarity as well as surprise, perhaps a work by an artist you recognise, a name you recall from a memory, an individual reaction to something totally new, catalysing a relationship with a previously unknown contemporary work or style. The carefully balanced selection from our ever more popular open submission alongside some of the most established names in their respective field, allows for each year to have an individuality and distinctiveness which could never be repeated or remade.


Last year, the Winter Group Show was quashed by the Pandemic. The gallery, the industry, the creative release of the arts seemed to be understandably thwarted at every turn. However, the creators and makers which we all rely on, haven’t been held down. No virus was able to put a lockdown on the human response of pen to page, the brush as it leaves the water, the thumb pressing into a sculptural form. Many of the culminations of these experiences are now on show, within the

Winter Group Show at Linden Hall Studio.

We hope you enjoy viewing it, as much as we have enjoyed building it.